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Vista Diesel System Cleaner 375ml – Cleaning & Performance Improver for Cars

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  • Removes residues in the entire diesel system from the tank to the combustion chamber
  • Removes resin and bonding formation from injection nozzles and injection pumps
  • Removes carbon and soot residues from the entire upper part of the cylinders
  • Lubricates and protects the diesel injection system
  • Improves fuel nebulization resulting in:Clean and powerful combustion
  • Rapid reduction of smoke and soot
  • Perfect cold start
  • Improved engine performance
  • Considerable fuel savings
  • Longer life of injection parts
  • 375ml​​​​​​​

NPR 1,500

In stock


Suitable for all types of diesel engines, common rail and direct injection. Recommended for engines with turbo, catalytic converters and particle filters.
– Fill directly into the diesel tank before refueling
– Recommended ratio – Fuel : Diesel System X (1L : 5ml)
– 375ml treats upto 80L of diesel

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