Exciting news for motorcycle enthusiasts in Nepal as the most affordable helmet from MT Helmets, the MT Hummer has finally hit the Nepalese market.

MT Helmets, the manufacturer of the MT Hummer, is renowned for high-quality helmets at a budget price. MT Helmets started manufacturing helmets since 1986 and has a reputation for producing affordable, safe, comfortable, and stylish helmets.

The MT Hummer boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design, which sets it apart from other helmets in the category. The streamlined shape reduces wind drag and minimizes the strain on the rider’s neck, allowing for a comfortable experience during long rides. The helmet’s shell is constructed using a high-impact molded polycarbonate shell that effectively absorbs and disperses the impact energy, providing enhanced safety to the wearer.

The MT Hummer excels in providing safety features designed to protect riders in any kind of riding conditions. It meets the ECE 22.05(EU), DOT FMVSS218(USA), NBR 7471 – BRS(BR) and NTC 4533(CO) safety standards. The helmet also features a multi-density EPS liner that provides excellent impact absorption. The helmet’s micrometric fastener offers easy, secure and comfortable fit, enabling riders to effortlessly put on or remove the helmet even while wearing gloves.

Comfort plays a crucial role in ensuring an enjoyable riding experience. The helmet incorporates laser-cut fabric for the snug and secure seal around the rider’s head. The removable and washable interior liner is made up of hypoallergenic and wicking fabric that absorbs and dissipates the sweat from the skin to enhance the rider’s comfort.

The multi-ventilation system with optimized airflow keeps the rider cool, focused and fatigue-free, preventing discomfort from heat and sweat build-up.

The anti-scratch, pinlock ready and shatter proof visor is equipped with MT’s QRS (Quick Release System) that helps in easy removal and attachment of the visor. The UV resistant visor is optically corrected to minimize distortion so the rider’s vision is clear and unhindered. It gives better wide vision which is great for improved visibility and a more involved riding experience.

Additionally, this helmet features embedded speaker pockets for Bluetooth systems that enables communication between the riders using intercom. No matter if you are a daily commuter or ride only on weekends, this helmet will make your riding experience better with its outstanding performance and protection.

The MT Hummer is a top-of-the-line choice for bikers who prioritize safety and comfort at an affordable price. The advanced features and top-notch build of this helmet make it a worthy investment for any rider concerned about their safety on the road. So, gear up and head to Moto World Nepal and embrace this stunningly designed helmet as you embark on your next ride.

Spoiler: Yes (Two different types of spoilers)

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL

Warranty: 2 Years

Weight: 1450g (+/-50) g

Price: NPR 6,500

Included in the box: Helmet, Helmet’s Bag, Spoiler, Manual, Light Deflector, Warranty Card