LS2 has launched its new addition into the Nepali market: The LS2 Stream II.

LS2 Helmets is a globally recognized brand in the motorcycle gear industry, known for its commitment to rider safety, innovation, and stylish designs. With a rich history of producing high-quality helmets, LS2 has gained the trust of riders not only in Nepal but also worldwide.

About LS2 Stream II

The LS2 Stream II is constructed with a KPA shell material available in three different shell sizes, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit for riders of all sizes. The LS2 Stream II is ECE 22.06 certified, offering top-tier protection to the wearers. It incorporates a multi-density EPS for enhanced impact absorption and a Micrometric buckle for secure closure. The shatterproof visor provides clear vision and locks securely in the center.

When it comes to comfort, the inner liner is anti-allergic, microbial, and hypoallergenic, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic fit. It is also removable and washable for easy maintenance. The helmet facilitates eyeglass wearers with an Eye-Glasses Fit System and includes a chin curtain that prevents dust from entering inside the helmet. Weighing at 1550g (+/-50g), this helmet is equipped with a spoiler which enhances its aerodynamic design, reducing wind resistance and providing added stability.

The visor of this helmet is anti-scratch and UV-resistant, ensuring clarity and protection from harmful sun rays. Changing the visor is a breeze with its quick-release mechanism, allowing riders to replace the visor effortlessly. Although the Pinlock insert itself is not included,  the helmet is Pinlock® 70 MaxVision™ ready. A built-in sun visor is available for sunny days which is not just scratch-proof but also  can be conveniently controlled from the lower shell of the helmet. As you head up for your next ride, suit up, head to Moto World Nepal, and embrace this stunningly designed helmet.

Spoiler: Yes

Weight: 1550g (+/-50) g

Price: NPR 11,999 /-

Included in the box: Helmet, Helmet’s Bag