KYT, a well-known helmet brand in Nepal, has launched its sports-touring helmet, The NF-R in Nepal. Packed with advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, this helmet has impressive construction, safety features, comfort, ventilation, and visor technology, ensuring a premium riding experience for riders.

The KYT NF-R is crafted using high-quality materials for optimum rider safety. The helmet’s shell is produced in ADTadvanced, a mix of thermoplastic resins with high resistance to crashes that gradually and progressively absorbs the energy produced by the impact. The NF-R shell is produced in two sizes: M and L.

When it comes to safety, KYT NF-R surpasses the industry standards. It meets the  ECE 22.05 safety standards developed by Europe. It also features a multi-density EPS liner which absorbs impacts effectively, minimizing the risk of head injuries during accidents. The helmet’s precise fit, adjustable strap, Double-D Ring buckle and advanced quick release buckle system ensure a secure and comfortable fit for every rider.

The KYT NF-R prioritizes the rider’s comfort with its washable, removable and replaceable interior lining allowing for a snug fit. The cheek pads are made of precious bi-elastic fabric with specific fibers coupled with sponges with open cells for the best airflow in order to keep fresh and dry. Riders who need eye glasses for clear vision can use this helmet as this is compatible with wearing glasses.

KYT has given particular attention to the KYT NF-R’s ventilation system to enhance rider comfort. The vents are strategically placed that ensure optimal air circulation, keeping the rider cool and reducing the accumulation of sweat during hot summer rides.

The shatter proof visor of NF-R is PC injected, anti-scratch, optic in class 1 with variable thickness. The hooks and rotation system allows visor removal without tools. The NF-R comes with a Pinlock Max Vision 70 anti-fog insert, which is one of the higher-end inserts that gives much better peripheral vision than the standard ones and is more resistant to fogging. The drop-down sunshield cuts out glare and sunlight so you can see better.

Choosing the right helmet is paramount when it comes to ensure a safe and pleasurable riding experience. The advanced safety features, superior ventilation and eye-catching design makes this helmet a game-changer in the Nepali market. So, head towards Moto World Nepal to experience its benefits firsthand.

Spoiler: Yes

Warranty: 2 Years

Weight: 1500g (+/-50) g

Included in the box: Helmet, Helmet’s Bag, Manual