Riders and Enthusiasts come together for a fun-filled event at “Moto World Riders Meet” Event. Unified by the passion of Motorcycles, the event regularly hosts a large number of riders from a variety of disciplines, from Off-Road, to Racing, to Classic Motorcycle Lovers.

“Moto World Riders Meet” aims to bring riders together, enrich the motorcycling culture and promote road safety. Associative partner – “Advanced Riding Academy” promises to train riders with riding skills that improve their ability to ride safely with better control. Students of the Academy along with Moto Vloggers & National Level Motorcycle Racers, are also present at the event.

There are interesting prizes to be won at the “Riders Meet”, namely;

  • Best Looking Motorcycle – 4-6 Motorcycles are selected by the Crew, on the basis of motorcycle customization, tasteful modification, and exclusivity. The owners of the motorcycles will then speak a few words on the work they have done on their motorcycles. The entire audience will then cast a vote to finally declare a winner. The winner is given prizes & gifts sponsored by the event sponsors.
  • Best Rider Outfit – Again, the crew will select 2-4 riders, that wear authentic, tasteful and purpose-oriented riding gear. The riders will then speak a few words on their riding gears, while the audience begins to cast votes for the best rider outfit. The votes are counted and the winner is awarded with prizes and gifts.

The “Riders Meet” starts from 3 pm, after which riders slowly gather to a full number by around 5 pm. The MotoGP Live screening is usually aired on the projector from 5:45 to 6:30 pm, after which the hosts conduct games and distribute awards.

Every Rider Meet is interesting with more games, interesting prizes and most important of all – Passionate Riders !!  Join the Ride, Embrace the culture & Fuel your Freedom – at “Moto World Riders Meet” !!