Why do MHR?

  • Removes Odour
  • Removes and Kills 99% Bacteria
  • Removes Exterior stains and minor scratches
  • Anti-fogging of visor
  • Smooth function of visor
  • Improved air flow and ventilation
  • Conserve the grip that your helmet fits you
  • Your helmet will completely look NEW long-lasting

How To Avail MHR?

Step 1 :- Please do register on our website.

Step 2 :- Verify yourself via autogenerated mail sent.

Step 3 :- After verification, click on the button below:-

Step 4 :- Fill the form correctly and Submit it.

After submission, please visit the store and bring your helmet by today before 7PM.

[NOTE] Your Helmet will be ready for delivery in 2+ working days, please bring an alternative helmet for your ride back home 🙂