About Advanced Riding Academy (ARA)

For years we have seen in Nepal, riders have been deprived of proper training to ride motorcycle and
scooters. Starting with the basic license trials, riders venture out in the road without proper knowledge
or riding skill. This has made our roads dangerous as we find many uncontrolled and reckless riders. We
aim to provide both new and existing riders with a good practical knowledge of riding, for being a safer
rider as well as a faster rider.
Advanced Riding Academy (ARA) aims to grow and improve the skills of riders in a safe environment.


  • 6500/ for Monthly Training Sessions
  • 1700/- for Daily Training Session


  • Hidden Action Compound, Sallaghari, Bhaktapur
  • Location available in Google maps

What you can expect

  • Various levels for new & experienced riders
  • Tailored courses to suit your riding style
  • Learn defensive riding techniques & evasive maneuvers
  • Ride Safer with more control
  • Improving braking & motorcycle stability
  • Progress into Motorcycle Racing
  • Grow & interact with the riding community


  • Own bike with fuel
  • Brakes and Tyres in good condition
  • No leakages of any oil, coolant or fluids
  • Functional Riding Helmet, Riding Jacket, Riding Gloves, Knee Guards, Riding Boots or Shoes that cover the ankle
  • A passion for riding motorcycles